Our story 


Hey there! Here’s Grüneo’s Team:

We are Alicia and Lena, a diverse and energetic women team. 

While Alicia has the business and marketing background, she has built the brand from its roots and watering with care to make it grow until its highest possibilities. She is the perfect Grüneo customer, as her story with the project starts because she had no balcony, with a big passion for DIY activities, and with a need for experiencing nature within the city of Berlin.

Lena is the technical part of the project and product expert, as she has studied Horticultural and Plant Sciences Management. When she says “gardening is my life” she is not joking, she owns a beautiful greenhouse in a german backyard and she loves, lives and works for plants. She is like our plant-based fertilizer- nurturing Grüneo from the inside to make its growth even stronger and healthier to harvest the most delicious fruits that are for you, our customers.

"Growing a home garden is a dream at first, magic in the middle, and pure taste at the end!"

Grüneo Team