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What is crowdfunding?


If a larger group of people (= crowd) finances an idea or a project, this is called crowdfunding.

We have set a first funding goal of 7,000€. And a second funding goal of 15.000€. With this money, we will produce the first boxes for you and open our online shop in summertime.

We only get the money if the financing goal is reached!

If this goal is not achieved, the money collected will go back to you (the supporters).

So we can only order from suppliers and start the production of our boxes after the campaign has ended (end of March). Therefore, we expect to deliver the boxes in April – May 2020 to all of you!

Our campaign runs from February 25th, 2020 until April 11th, 2020 on platform.

What is Startnext?

We use the Startnext platform for our crowdfunding campaign. It is the largest crowdfunding community for ideas, projects and startups in German-speaking countries. Our campaign is available for all EU markets and Switzerland.

How can you support us?

It’s quite simple: Order one of our boxes or your preferred product/reward via the crowdfunding campaign. You can also support us with a free amount of money. You can find the list of products on the right column.

How can you buy one of our products?

Select the product of your choice from the list of “rewards”. In the second step we ask you for details, e.g. in which language you would like to have the Starter Guide. In the payment process, Startnext works similarly to an online shop. A contribution for the Startnext platform is also displayed in the “shopping cart”. You can take this over, or use the graphic to reduce or enlarge it.

You can support as a guest, or simply register with your email address. Then you enter your home address, choose between different payment methods and pay. Finished!