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About Us

Hey there! Here’s Grüneo’s Team:

We are Alicia and Lena, a diverse and energetic women team. 

Alicia, co-founder and CEO of Grüneo, has a business and marketing background. She has built the brand from its roots, transforming her vision on indoor gardening into a fresh accessible product. She defines herself as the perfect Grüneo customer, as her story with the project starts by living in an apartment without balcony, with a big passion for DIY activities, and a need for experiencing nature within the city of Berlin.

Lena, co-founder and product expert of Grüneo, has studied Horticulture and Plant Science Management. When she says “gardening is my life” she is not joking. She owns a beautiful greenhouse in a franconian backyard and she loves, lives and works for plants. She is like our plant-based fertilizer: nurturing Grüneo from the inside to make its growth even healthier and to harvest the most delicious fruits for you, our beloved customers.


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