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Sustainability, climate protection, plastic avoidance, and circular economy play an important role in our value creation brand. Here you can see our sustainability criteria and how we make it possible: 

Raw materials from organic farming

We have selected all the materials in the box according to ecological guidelines: Our seeds are organic and none of the varieties are genetically modified. This means the seeds are produced without genetic engineering modifications and without the use of mineral fertilisers and synthetic chemical pesticides. Also, our peat-free substrate, as well as our organic NPK liquid fertiliser (3-3-5), are approved for organic farming.

Recycle & zero waste

For Grüneo upcycling is the key: Our box is not only used as packaging, but also as a base for your garden. Once you finish planting the seeds, simply cut the box cover and place the plant pots in it - done! We live Zero Waste: Our bio-degradable pots begin to decompose once they are buried into the ground. The roots of your plants can grow through the pot walls without any stress and damage. Our fertiliser is made from sugar production waste. Sugar Beet vinasse is rich in nutrients and gives your plants the power they need.

Free of planet-harmful materials

We procure our materials only from sustainable renewable resources. For example, the entire box is plastic-free (including the substrate bag, the fertiliser bottle, and the labeling). Our Starter Guide is printed on certified natural paper and does not need any chemical adhesives. And also, our substrate is produced in Germany and is peat-free. We avoid using peat because it is a limited resource and peat mining destroys bogs which are valuable ecosystems.

Regional & made in Germany

To reduce the CO2 footprint, we rely on regional materials and a local production. For example, our plant pots are made of spruce wood fibres from the tree thinning of the Vosges forests near the German border. We source all our raw materials mainly from Germany and neighboring countries such as France and Switzerland.

Social equality

We also regularly promote social projects in Berlin. With our "Green Weekend" campaign as a countermovement to the "Black Friday", we donated a percentage of sales to the Youth & Family Assistance of Diakoniewerks Simeon Berlin.


Vegan food is pretty accessible nowadays, but what about vegan gardening? We make it possible! Our garden boxes are cruelty-free and contain 100% vegan materials. Our fertiliser and substrate are completely without the usual animal components (e.g. bones, manure, etc).