Sustainability, climate protection, plastic avoidance, and circular economy play an important role in our value creation brand.

1. 100% ORGANIC


In organic gardening, we pay attention to ecological cultivation methods. That's why we care about the breeding process of our varieties by selecting seeds that have wild relatives and avoiding any genetically modified seed. All the materials of the boxes are selected according to biological guidelines: the plants will grow in soil and without using any synthetic pesticides or mineral fertilisers. Grüneo is certified organic by the German Bio Siegel and European Union.



We put a lot of hard effort into making our business the most environmentally-friendly possible by making all our packaging recyclable/reusable and plastic-free. We researched the market about alternative materials to achieve a box 100% free of plastic. For example, the growing pots are made of wood fiber and the packaging is made of recycled paper and carton.



We selected suppliers who align with our values and therefore, respect the planet and animals. All the gardening materials included in the boxes are vegan and cruelty-free, including our fertilizer and substrate, which usually contains animal compounds such as livestock manure.



In order to reduce the carbon footprint, we decided to work with regional suppliers close to the German border. This way, we ensure our materials don’t travel longer distances than needed. We see a big value in finding suppliers as close as possible to also support local green businesses.