*PRE-ORDER: Asian Herb Garden (Thai Basil, Red Shiso & Coriander)

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Do you want to learn to grow a garden? But wait- your plants always die, even the basil bought in the supermarket? Then just grow it yourself! Enjoy the love of seeing the seedlings sprout, the first leaves develop, & the delicious taste it will add to your meals! 

With this box, you will grow an Asian Herb Garden composed of Thai Basil, Red Shiso, and Coriander.

- 3 Seed varieties (Certified Organic by the Bio Siegel & European Union) 
- Natural substrate for the sowing phase
- Biodegradable pots made of wood fiber
- Fertilizer, made of plants
- Wooden sticks
- A Starter Guide - the bible for gardener dummies!
- Online Plant Coach service- make a diagnostic of your garden anytime

IT’S EASY The kit has been developed with all the needed tools to start growing, including a 12-pager instructions booklet (Starter Guide). It explains in easy steps how & when to sow, water, fertilize, harvest. It also includes a cooking recipe & a diary section where you can wrap-up all your learnings.

IT'S SUSTAINABLE! To make a positive contribution to the ocean, the birds, & the air we breathe… we carefully selected the most sustainable materials:  100% organic, vegan, & regional &  plastic-free.